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Temple of Universal Judaism

A URJ: Union for Reform Judaism Congregation

1010 Park Avenue

@ E 85th  10028

Rabbi Ari Fridkis

יְהִי בֵיתְךָ פַּתוּחַ לִרְוָחָה...

t:  212 658 0810


Cantor Dana Anesi

May your house be open
so that all may come in . . .
- The Talmud   

open Reform Judaism for an open world

     "The Temple of Universal Judaism is proud to be North America's most ideologically progressive URJ: Union for Reform Judaism congregation!  Nowhere else can a household openly celebrate any combination of ritual; can a interfaith child become Bar-Bat Mitzvah while also attending a church Sunday School;  can a member be honored as an atheist, humanist, or 'non-believer:'  all while studying Midrash, joyously celebrating Sabbath-Holidays, and practicing mainstream Reform Judaism." 

Visit our CAlendar page

Click to visit TUJ Calendar Page with Shabbat service times & info - as well as TUJ Events for the year:

2020/5780 TUJ Calendar

H-אא > This Month

MARCH 2020



Click for  Sat Mar 7  addl info:  85shabbat & Ezra Roseman Bar Mitzvah

Click for  Fri Mar 27 - special 4th Shabbat infoShabbat Service and Bar Mitzvah

1st friday


Fri Feb 7   730p

Shabbat, Bar Mitzvah OF eZRA ROSEMAN &

Heschel-King Meml

At TUJ, the 1st Friday of each month is


     A Celebration of Song and Spirit.  Rabbi Fridkis and Cantor Anesi are joined by our folk piano accompanist -  as well as another voice or instrument.

In February, 85shabbat remembers the Dr Martin Luther King Jr and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel - and the deep friendship they developed honoring.  Both honored their interfaith Judeo-Christian spiritual connection, remembering the experience of the ancient Israelites in bondage under the Egyptian Pharaoh.  Thus the Torah taught never to enslave others, for we ourselves were slaves in Egypt.

Torah Portion: B'shalach

Exodus 13:17-17:16

Click for MORE info on


Tu Bishvat Seder

On the 3rd Friday of the month we generally follow the traditional Shabbat evening liturgy with joyous prayers and melodies celebrating creation, the Jewish concern for the oppressed as well as other universalistic hopes.

We will usually take the ancient, hand-written Torah scroll from the ark and read a short excerpt from the weekly Torah portion (in Hebrew with English translation).

If we're lucky and it's a special Shabbat, part of the service and Torah reading will be led by one of TUJ's individually-trained Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah.

On Fri Feb 21

Torah Portion: Mishpatim

Exodus 21:1-24:18


TUJ's Tu Bishvat Seder



(next on Mar 13)

Out & About:


MEET @  The


                   (Google Maps)

TUJ's 2nd Shabbat is a special program outside of the synagogue - usually on Friday evenings - bringing members and friends together for the Sabbath.

On Fri Feb 14 @630 we will meet at



fri FEB 21   730p

H-בב > Temp URL

Our temporary URL is:

 Pizza 'n Pray

for families

3rd  Shabbat-of-the-Month

Next on  Fri Feb 21 @615p

615p    Shabbat Kids' Carbs: Challah & Pizza

630p   Brief Family Service

             (led by Rabbi, Cantor, Students)

650p   Torah Class

720p    More Shabbat Carbs: Dessert

730p    Regular Shabbat Service

             Parents Blessing of Children

H-1 > 85shabbat

1st FRIDAY OF the month is...


TUJ's Monthly Celebration of Song & Spirit


Next on:


TUJ's not yet*

hanukah Celebration

* The 1st Night of Hanukah is Sun Dec 22 when NYC disappears.   Instead, we'll celebrate together at TUJ's pre-Hanukah - Fri Dec 6.   It's the "ante-Hanukah" without Antiochus!   Dreidels not yet dry and ready.   Latkes before the heartburn.

Join us for the Festival of Lights while it's still in previews and the Maccabees are in practice season!  Plus it's not really Hanukah, it's

"Chinese Chanukah."


TUJ Pre-Hanukah       RSVP       Friday December 6

Click Here   

6 PM

Asian-style Hors D'œuvres

Latkes with Apple or TUJ-aki Sauce

Hanukah Signature Cocktails and Wine

Blue & White Hasmonean* Bubbly for the Kids

Spotify™ Hanukah Music on the TUJ Bluetooth

* Hanukah Gift for Kids who can explain the Hasmoneans

Spotify™ Player will play a repeat loop of Indigo Girls "Happy Joyous Hanukah"

The Spotify popup link allows you to install Spotify Player + free partial Subscription. Close box with link to view the Playlist.

Spotify™ Player will play excerpt of 50+ songs from its "Hanukah Playlist"

The Spotify popup link allows you to install Spotify Player + free partial Subscription. Close box with link to view the Playlist.

6:30 PM

Musical 85shabbat Hanukah Service

"Pre-Hanukah" Candle Lighting led by TUJ Kids

Old + New Favorites in Hebrew-Ladino-Yiddish-English

Cantor Anesi on Guitar, Barbara on Piano,

and . . . Special Guest Percussionist!

                Coming soon:

• Download a Home Hanukah Service (printable PDF)

• Download a Musical Clip of the Hanukah Blessings  

7:30 PM

Chinese Chanukah Dinner

incl . . . Ice Cream & Sufganiyot Desert!

See our Chinese Dine-In Menu Below and  RSVP with your favorites so we can order right amounts of each!

We really do need your RSVP!

Suggested Donation:  $25 over 25yo    $18 ages 18-24

                                  $13 ages 13-17    $ n/c under 13


Shabbat Shalom & Hag Sameah

שבת שלום וחג שמח!

H-3 (3rd Shabbat)

Friday FEBRUARY 21  @730P

Tu Bishvat Seder

Click to View / Order


  from the book . . .

"At last they reached the mountain. The father arranged the wood, refusing to acknowledge the one he loves more than himself, because he dare not waver from honoring God’s demand. . . He beckoned the boy with a tentative wave and led him to the altar, pressing him to lie flat on the cool surface . . . The son desperately yearned to reach the father,    

who remained imprisoned by unflagging guilt and sorrow. The father hesitated, as if expecting to be released by a new instruction from his Creator.  But there was no merciful, comforting or reassuring words, only an intractable silence.”

- Neal Aponte, In  the Shadow of Genesis, 96-97

Click to View / Order



If you haven't visited us - or haven't recently - we hope you will soon: all are always welcome.  Consider joining us for the Holy Days, for any 1st, 2nd or 3rd Shabbat evening, or a holiday service and celebration.  We promise you will receive a very warm and personal welcome.


Whether you are a member, visitor or guest, we need and welcome your financial support.

We are New York City's - and North America's! - most theologically progressive, mainstream URJ: Union for Reform Judaism congregation.  TUJ's open-door and open-minded presence is an example to Jews all around the world: that every Jewish community can maintain and build a full Jewish life,  inclusive of every human being, each with his or her differing spiritual needs.

Support                    us @TUJ

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Your requests, comments and questions are always welcome 

contact us

212 658 0810   Temple Office
917 617 3615    In case of Family Emergency,
                             please TEXT Rabbi Fridkis
-------                                           1010 Park Ave
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* Our Space:  1010 Park Ave @E 85                                * Our Email:

* Our Mail:     (+)   New York, NY 10028                         * Our Phone:   212 658 0810     

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