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Sun Nov 28  thru  Sun Dec 5


TUJ@HOME @630p


7 NIGHTs onlinE!





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Download Hanukah booklet

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Sun Nov 28     Mon Nov 29     Tue Nov 30     Wed Dec 1
Thu Dec 2     Fri Dec 3 (In-Person)     Sat Dec 4      Sun Dec 5
Candle Lighting @630p     TUJ Zoom Room open @615p

and...  Fri Dec 3  @630p




6:30 PM

Lighting & Latkes Outdoors

on steps in front of the synagogue

with Hanukah Classices sing-a-long

6:45 PM

Hors D'oeuvre for the tummy

TUJ Hanukah Jukebox for the heart 

7:15 PM

Shabbat-Hanukah Songs & Blessings

in Hebrew, English, Ladino and Yiddish

led by HUC-ordained Cantor Janet Leuchter

7:45 PM

Shabbat-Hanukah Dinner

served safely by TUJ Members

Please Help TUJ in these difficult financial times.

Due to the pandemic and lost contributions during the September Holy Days, we have funds to operate only through February.


Please help us with a suggested minimum donation of $36 or more per adult. Children always n/c.

And please consider inviting/sponsoring a Hanukah guest for just $18.


If you can't donate $36 or more,  please give as you are able.


  Download One-sided Booklet format  

  Download Back-to-Back  Booklet format  

  TUJ's Service for Hanukah  
 Booklet of Songs & Blessings 
Click Booklet Cover above to Download Booklet and Print in 8.5x11 Back-to-Back format.

  TUJ's Service for Hanukah  
 Booklet of Songs & Blessings 
Click Booklet Cover above to Download Booklet to Read Online -or- Print in 8.5x11 One-Sided format.

Shabbat Shalom & Hag Sameah

שבת שלום וחג שמח!

about us

At TUJ, The Temple of Universal Judaism we take pride in being a “house for all people” (Isaiah 56).  For nearly fifty years we’ve been a Reform congregation where both Jews and non-Jews can find a welcoming Jewish home.

As a URJ: Union for Reform Judaism congregation, we embrace the two-millennia old premise of Rabbinic Judaism which saw the unfolding Jewish future as a shifting mirror of Judaism’s ancient past.   At TUJ you will find a combination of beautiful Jewish traditions and modern creative adaptations.

Throughout history, Jews have been a people of diverse origins united by the Torah’s message of compassion and justice for all.  We honor that tradition as we embrace individuals of all races, backgrounds and orientations and strive to bestow dignity on every human soul.

TUJ is historically blessed to have great longevity with clergy.  Our founding rabbi, Roy Rosenberg, was with the congregation for over twenty years.

Rabbi Ari Fridkis, one of the most ideologically progressive ordained Reform rabbis in North America came to us back in 2012 and has no plans of tiring out.

Cantor, Dana Anesi, an HUC-JIR ordained Reform cantor joined us in 2014.  She too is here to stay.

Both Rabbi Fridkis and Cantor Anesi are supportive and open to both intrafaith and interfaith couples and families and both officiate at interfaith weddings.


Temple of Universal Judaism members includes multi-generational families, same-sex couples and individuals, interfaith families and couples, those descended from matrilineal or patrilineal Jewish parents, Jews-by-choice, and people of all ages.  Though we are a mainstream Reform congregation with strong, traditional Jewish values and practices, we feel privileged to welcome both Jews and non-Jews.

TUJ is far more than a synagogue or simply a "religious" group: we are a true “community” – a warm, devoted congregation of caring and supportive individuals and families who share a culture of Jewish living.

As we continue to grow, our members come from all the great population centers of world Jewry: North America, South America, France, Israel, and many more.  And with our very low cost Membership, TUJ is the most financially egalitarian Reform congregation in New York!  Regardless of one's footing, we make it possible for all to join us.

Pay                           Dues


If you haven't visited us - or haven't recently - we hope you will soon: all are always welcome.  Consider joining us for the Holy Days, for any 1st, 2nd or 3rd Shabbat evening, or a holiday service and celebration.  We promise you will receive a very warm and personal welcome.


Whether you are a member, visitor or guest, we need and welcome your financial support.

We are New York City's - and North America's! - most theologically progressive, mainstream URJ: Union for Reform Judaism congregation.  TUJ's open-door and open-minded presence is an example to Jews all around the world: that every Jewish community can maintain and build a full Jewish life,  inclusive of every human being, each with his or her differing spiritual needs.

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