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Rabbi Ari Fridkis

יְהִי בֵיתְךָ פַּתוּחַ לִרְוָחָה...

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Cantor Dana Anesi

May your house be open
so that all may come in . . .
- The Talmud   



A Joyous Passover



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& Hagadah Download

   Shabbat and
7th Night Passover   
See below for details
Fri Apr 2  630p
Link Open @615p
1st Seder Online
See below for details
Sat Mar 27  6p
Link Open @550p
Family Seder Intro
See below for details
Sat Mar 27  540p
Link Open @530p
2nd Seder Online
See below for details
Sun Mar 28  6p
Link Open @545p
CLICK  Hagadah (above) for print-ready
copy of TUJ's  NEW  Passover Hagadah
Passover Details
Fri Mar 26   630p     Passover & Shabbat Study
          Candle Lighting, Shabbat/ Passover Song
          -and-  a peek "Inside the Hagadah"
Sat Mar 27   540p     Family-Kids Seder Lead-In
          Musical Seder Intro: NOT full Family Seder.
          With Cantor Anesi & Rabbi Fridkis
Sat Mar 27   600p     1st Seder Online
          Complete Musical Seder with Cantor & Rabbi
          For all ages: family friendly
Sun Mar 28   600p    Short & Sweet 2nd Seder
          4 Cups/ 10 Songs/ 30 mins w Cantor & Rabbi
          For all ages: family friendly
Sun Mar 28   630p    Passover Study & Desert
          with Special Guest: Rabbi Martin Cohen
          Professor of History @Hebrew Union College
          "Passover Seder and The Last Supper"
          For adults and teens
Fri Apr 2      630p     Shabbat/ 7th Day Passover
          Special Shabbat with Rabbi Fridkis & Clips by Cantor
          Anesi: "The Crossing of the Red Sea"
Memorial Page from
TUJ's  NEW  Passover Hagadah


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